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Hello, my name is Julio Di Egidio,
welcome to my personal pages!

I am a software analyst and programmer, with
some background in mathematics and philosophy.

I will publish here selected contributions both to fun
and study, along with essential information about me.

Case studies

  • Tic-tac-toe game with AI player
    An MVC-based, JavaScript game engine over a web service embedded, C#.NET AI logic-memory
  • Cartoons for financial simulation
    A form-based front-end over a web handler embedded, C#.NET fractal generator and grapher
  • A best-case web framework
    A best-case, rich-featured web framework enforcing web standards and Accessibility guidelines


  • Too much talk and too much work
    Getting back to the roots of "production"
  • Mathematics, logic and proof for reality
    Getting back to the roots of "information"
  • Pro salute patriae sua capita voverunt
    Getting back to the roots of "action"

About me

  • Software Analyst Programmer
    Analysis and Programming, Agile Team Leading, Production, Consulting, Mentoring and Training

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