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Hello, I am Julio Di Egidio,
welcome to my personal pages!

I am a software analyst and programmer,
with some background in logic and philosophy.
I will publish here selected contributions to both fun
and study, along with essential information about me.

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Case studies

  • Answer Sources in Prolog - Preview [julio.diegidio.name - External Link]

    Fluent answer sources in Prolog (SWI)

    Answer sources can be seen as generalized iterators, allowing a given program to control answer production in another. Each answer source works as a separate Prolog interpreter.

  • TicTacToe 1.2.B

    Tic-tac-toe online game in JavaScript

    Tic-tac-toe is a classic case in the field of computer science, though our primary goal here is to investigate software development concepts and practices, and infer engineering-level indications to formal methods and patterns of construction.


  • Radical Engineering [julio.diegidio.name - External Link]

    Too much talk and too much work

    Getting back to the roots of "production"


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  • Se Programmo [julio.diegidio.name - External Link]

    Mathematics, logic and proof for reality

    Getting back to the roots of "information"


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  • Nostri Imperatores [julio.diegidio.name - External Link]

    Pro salute patriae sua capita voverunt

    Getting back to the roots of "action"


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About me

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